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No Callisto Discovery Site listing in Eclipse Toolkit

On page 16, in the Force.com Cookbook, under "Installing the Force.com Toolkit for Eclipse" and step 4c, I don't have Callisto Discovery Site listing in my screen. (I do have Force.com selected.) What do I need to do to get the Callisto options?  I have Eclipse SDK 3.3.1.

Any help will be appreciated.
In the latest version of Eclipse (3.3.1), what you need is Europa Discovery Site, so use that instead. I had the same confusion.
Thanks, jgrenfell! Were you also able to get Force.com Toolkit to show up in the Search Results screen? (That would be on page 16, number 5 in the Cookbook). I got only "Apex Toolkit." The next section in the book, under "Creating Project in Eclipse," in the Wizards text box (no. 2) nothing showed up when I entered "Force.com" or "Apex Toolkit."  I'm stuck right here.
Dave cleared up the branding confusion. Force.com Toolkit and Apex Toolkit are the same thing.