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Divya GoelDivya Goel 

unable to deploy apex artifacts

Hi I am tring to deploy apex classes and triggers through eclipse. Deployment paln gets validated successfully.
after next step while deploying i got error message unable to deploy apex artifacts. Reason: NullPointerException

Please help me on this.

Divya Prakash Goel
I'm assuming you are using a proxy server. If so, this may help:

With Eclipse closed, right click on the Eclipse icon.

Select Properties. On the short cut tab, make sure you have an option to eclipse.exe of -Dhttp.proxyHost=_proxy_name_here and -Dhttp.proxyPort=_port_number_here

Now, open Eclipse. At the menu bar, choose Window | Preferences and then click on the + to the left of General. Now, highlight Network Connections. Select Manual proxy configuration, and then give the proxy information. If you need proxy authentication, enter that stuff there. Apply and then OK.

Finally, in Package Explorer, highlight the project, right click, select Properties and enter your proxy information there. (Make sure you have your correct *SOAP endpoint selected also.)

After having done all this, and after I've had some problems, I do a cold boot (power down & then power up - which is better than a restart which doesn't wipe all memory clean & reload the OS from scratch).

Finally, if you have several sandboxes (recommended), don't deploy to where you are developing [I did that & got wierd results, and when I took the time to think about what I was doing, it didn't make sense to me because it was already there - e.g. why would I want to deploy to where it was???].

And, don't forget to move in any modifications - we're using Packages for that & it works fine. Next, we're adding Subversion to Eclipse, and then trying to figure how to version control the stuff that's outside of Eclipse... we're thinking multiple packages [but then we need to consider what's not 'packageable' - like changes to non-custom page layouts, etc.].

Good luck.
Hey Divya.

Can you send me the toolkit's log containing your deployment transaction?

You can find the log here:

I just did the same thing, except to create an Apex Code Class. The code class was created on the Salesforce server, however, when I pasted my testMethod into the class contents and then saved, the change was not sent to the object on the Salesforce server.
When I did a Synchronize, I got the following result - (sorry, I can't host pictures...) - in the Synchronize view, I see a red square with white X in it to the left of the object icon, and a red diamond to the right. When I right click and select 'Open in Compare Editor', it times out with a Null Pointer Exception.
Also, at the bottom of the screen, I have the blue arrow to the left w/ a '0' on the right, the grey arrow w/ '0', and the red double arrow w/ '1' (conflicting changes).
Looking at the server, the object was not created there, so I went ahead and created it there, pasted in my code, and from within Eclipse right clicked on the APEX cls file chose Apex | Replace file with latest from server.
This did download the file and made the yellow triangle with '!' in it, disappear.
From that point, changes made in Eclipse were shipped up to the server when I saved in Eclipse. A bit ackward, but I'm sure will be fixed in a later revision.
Well worth the effort in even the short run, & definately the long run. We're hoping for a good migration to Subversion source control.
BTW - when I do the same thing for S-controls, it works fine.