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Summary Roll-ups across Multiple Objects

Has anyone had any success with Roll-up Calculations across objects?
Here is my need.
Bill of Material               - Detail Record
      Build Box-A for Account Name
Related List
      Object Material =       1,000.00
           # of Material 5   - -----------------------> transactions wood, metal, paper Etc unlimited
      Object Supplies =        500.00
      Object Labor     =       2,000.00
           # of Labor = 4----------------------------> the # of Workers and hrs
       Misc                               50.00 -----------> other transactions
                             total      3,550.00
Note: Box-A could have several hundred components.(Related-Lists ??).
How can I get this $3,550.00 to show on the detail record?  APEX, VB, Triggers, anything or can it be done.
If your objects are related with a Master/Detail relationship then you can use a standard roll-up summary formula field and avoid programming this completely.

Rob P12Rob P12
Thanks I think I'm going down the right path,
1. One of my problems was using existing data, when trying to roll-up had to clear out the data then    reconstruct the relationships. Got the first 3 levels to roll-up like magic thanks..