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Creating Renewal Opportunities from Assets

We are using our Assets object as the primary reference for the support contracts on our products. Basically a new asset gets created by the Support group upon receipt from the finance system of a new support contract related to one of our products. So there are lots of custom fields for support start dates and end dates, PO numbers, etc..., all of which woudl be useful for creating a new renewal opportunity based on our Renewal Opportunity record type.

I was wondering if there is an easy way to create a "Create Renewal" button on the asset that would put all of the relevant information into the appropriate fields in a new Opportunity record, as opposed to extracting the Assets to Excel and inserting the information as new Renewal Opportunities?

It depends on your defintion of easy :smileywink:

You could write the oppty insert code in an apex webservice method and then use javascript and the ajax toolkit to invoke the method when the button is clicked.

There is a basic example of this in the apex language reference on pages 174, 175 in addition to the general information in chapter 12.
Thanks for the reply. I have a very rudimentary understanding of Java and other languages - I can mostly read it, but using it to create processes is new territory to me. So I'm pretty much diving head first into the deep end on this. I figure if I can understand jazz theory, I can do this.