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Steve ChadbournSteve Chadbourn 

Fire Case Assignment Rule

How do I automatically assign a new case using assignment rules? 
It seems that only way to run assignment rules is to tick the case assignment checkbox on the new case page. My problem is that I override the new case page and have written my own new case wizard. I insert a number of new cases at the end of my wizard but cannot get the assignment rules to fire for any of them.
I have found details about AssignmetnRuleHeader that can be used through the API to fire rules and want to do something similar in Apex code.
Any ideas?

I need this too.  If this is available from the API, I have to believe it's in Apex to.  It's just a matter of _how_...
Steve ChadbournSteve Chadbourn
I have had feedback from the Salesforce guys that this is not possible through Apex. Like you I assumed that if it was possible through the API it should be possible somehow from inside Salesforce. The workaround that was suggested was to do it with triggers. Apparently this is not on the roadmap either so not fix likely this year.
feedback from their support team, or someone that actually knows what's going on?  half the stuff i've asked their support team about netted an answer that was different from reality....
Steve ChadbournSteve Chadbourn
The feedback came from Andrew Waite (APEX Product Manager) so I'm guessing it's accurate!
drat, that's depressing.  hopefully they plan to open that up in the future.
I was able to get this to work by setting up my case assignments using Workflow Rules.
care to elaborate?  I'm not personally familiar with that process, and I'd love to look into using something more logical than delayed case assignment via escalation rules.