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sandeep kumarsandeep kumar 

unexpected token: map error in developer login

when i try to declare a map in an Apex class i get error "Error: Compile Error: unexpected token: map"
I am using a developer login with development mode checked to true. Is it that Map object has to be enabled on developer login?
Map<string, string> myMap=new Map<string, string>();
Are you sure you have entered 'Map' and not 'map'

Message Edited by Mig on 04-10-2008 03:39 PM
sandeep kumarsandeep kumar
Thanks. I had entered Map allright. I noticed a Very peculiar behaviour by Apex. The problem was i had a line
string URL='https://developer.skipjack.com/scripts/evolve.dll'
The map error was the word 'scripts' above in the string definition. I changed the above line to:
string partURL='scripts';
string URL='https://developer.skipjack.com/' + partURL + '/evolve.dll' ;
and the Map error dissapeared. I am perplexed by the behaviour of apex. Does this happen quite too often?