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Outbound email "from" address - can it be changed

We have designed a servicing app with processes the trigger a workflow email to be sent to a user defined email address (within a custom object) after attempting X times to contact a customer of our clients.  In some cases our clients require that an email from the system to our clients customers originate from a defined email address (i.e.  As our agents can't be logged in as each client, we need to find a means of complying with our clients requests regarding the origination name.  Are there any APEX outbound email options available that will deliver similar type results without appearing like spam or compromising the message integrity.  We believe we may have 10 or 20 clients with such requirements overtime (currently 2 require).
according to teh apex documentation, no.  you can set a reply-to address, but not a from address.

the behavior you're looking for would more than likely set off every mainstream email spam filtering software out there.  most common spam filters that run server-side use either SPF, sender-id, or domain keys as a security mechanism to trust inbound email, and unless you had changes made to every server you'd be sending to, the emails would fail these security checks.

you'd basically have to trust salesforce's IP addresses to send email on behalf of any domain your sending "from", which in the case of SPF, requires DNS changes to the "from" domain's public DNS records.
If you're talking about spoofing the sendfrom address then it would trigger spam filters.  However, if Salesforce built in the functionality of allowing send-on-behalf or permissions-based sending from another account, then it could be accomplished.  There are several e-blast marketing plugins (ExactTarget comes to mind- will send from Account/contact/lead owner or any static user) for salesforce that accomplish this, and an idea (pls vote) to allow it in workflow (really, pls vote).

Idea: Vote here

It isn't impossible to utilize a sent-from style email; Salesforce simply hasn't coded it.

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What about changing the from user not the from domain? In other words instead of


The Reply-To address can be changed but that does not display until reply is pressed. And the DisplayName kind of points the user that way but the real sender is shown.