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Doug ACFDoug ACF 

Preventing OpportunityLineItem Revenue Schedule Changes

Our requirement is to prevent users from causing the total price of an OpportunityLineItem to change when an Opportunity is in a closed stage.  We always have revenue schedules on every OpportunityLineItem.  Here is the dilemma:
- you can't have a trigger on OpportunityLineItemSchedule
- the SFDC background update to the OpportunityLineItem UnitPrice and TotalPrice that happens when the sum of the underlying schedule records change does not appear to fire an update trigger on OpportunityLineItem
Has anyone worked out a way to control revenue schedule changes?

Did you ever get this one figured out.  I am having the exact same challenge and since there is no validation or record type option on revenue schedules I can't figure out how to keep someone from editing

Doug ACFDoug ACF

Since that post, the "opportunity save behavior" change was implemented.  So now I think that if you make a schedule change that impacts the total amount on the OLI, you'll be able to fire a trigger on OLI (or opportunity) to catch it.  I haven't actually tried that yet though.


In any event, that would not prevent date changes to the schedule that don't impact the total OLI amount.


Let me know what you figure out on this.


This is exactly what I told the client....even though OLI changes are locked down, you can still "change" them by changing the revenue schedule (oops).  But we can trigger a notification at least since it isn't likely to happen very often...can't imagine how you would keep the dates from being changed.