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For Managed Release should you always update the API versions to the latest API?



We have a Managed release package which was created a 3-4 years ago. We have already created several version of it and we have lot of customers usign different versions.


I want to know, is it a good idea to set the API versions for all of its Apex code, VF pages.. to latest (e.g. 26.0 or 27.0 after spring release) When we create our next package.



Sridhar BonagiriSridhar Bonagiri



I think it is better to upgrade your API version to the latest, but there is a disadvantage in doing this if there are any changes in the apex coding , that means any functionality that has been deprecated by SFDC will not work, you need to recompile the your controller class accoding to the latest API version.



Sridhar Bonagiri