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Clone entire Salesforce environment



We are looking to create an exact clone of our production Salesforce instance into a new, completely separate enterprise instance of Salesforce. I would like everything to clone over such as custom objects, fields, triggers, workflows, apex classes, visualforce pages, etc. Has anyone been through a similar situation? I'm looking for all and any advice on the easiest way to complete this task.


Thank you in advance!!




there are a couple ways:


The simplest way (that will probably not work) is to bring everything in to your IDE, then right click on it and select "deploy to server" to send it to another org.


However, there are currently limitations on what can be sent this way: master-details for example are a no go. It also get's all tripped up on the order of execution in what it shoudl deploy - and will tell you things don't exist because it hasn't deployed them properly.


If your org is simple - then this is the way to go.



However, I used the Migration Tool here:

And after a few attempts, got it to work wonderfully.


Keep in mind, if you have features in your org enabled, you will need to have those features enabled in your Dev Org before you can deploy to it. Multi-Currency for example. So create your dev org, then call salesforce suypport (dev orgs cannot open cases from the interface - you must call) and get those features enabled.

Kal GillKal Gill

I am also trying to clone a org from a seperate customer, using the Migration tool and am running into the issues you mentioned JayNic. 
You mentioned you got it to work, can you please share your method, especially regards order of execution, existing features ? 

Sanjay RaoSanjay Rao
Hi Guys,

Wondering if anybody in this thread have been able to port the meta data and data from a Production managed Package SFDC Org into another similar org which is empty ? And if yes, is the Migration Tool the only way to achieve this ?  
Kal GillKal Gill
The ANT migration tool is the one to use. However we were unable to perform a clean migration, and have had to perform some manual cleanup.