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opportunity open for next 120days?VERY URGENT PLZ HELP ME

Hi all
i have a question that "Is it possible to populate a custom field on Accounts object that shows the number of opportunities open for next 120 days?"
I tried for rollup summaries but the filter criteria is not accepting the function today() is only taking standard date format.


thanks in advance

Steve :-/Steve :-/

I think you might have to set a custom field on the Opportunity record (like a 0/1, Checkbox, etc.) and then refernce the in your Account.Opportunity Roll-Up Summary field.  


Like COUNT of Opportunities where (custom field) = TRUE  


hi really appreciate for fast reply..

my question was i created one custom field on account "opportuntites open for next120days" in that field i want to display the count of related opportunity records that are active for next to caliculate the opportunity records active for next 120days we are using the expiry date field on an opportunity record.but how can we writte a rollup summary bcuz the filter criteria is only accepting the standard date format it is not accepting any functions like

Steve :-/Steve :-/

Okay first lets define what an "Open 120+ Day Opportunity" is.  

Does that basicially mean that the Opportunity Close Date is >= TODAY() + 120?  

If it does, then you can just create a custom field on the Opportunity record that evaluates the Close Date (kinda like my formula did) and sets a custom Field on the Opportunity record to TRUE, 1, Checked, etc, etc... 

Then have your Account.Opportunity COUNT the number of Opportunities where your custom field = TRUE, 1, Checked, etc, etc... 



hi what ever you analyzed is true.i tried the way you suggested.but in rollup custom field on accounts in filter criteria it is not showing the custom formulla field what we created on opportunities record.

Steve :-/Steve :-/

Can you post the Formula that you are using?  Also what is the datatype for your custom Opportunity field?