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Error: Compiled formula is too big to execute (7,776 characters). Maximum size is 5,000 characters??

hi all:

   I would apprceiate any help here...

I have this formula that I am doing bacially it is:

If the sum of Exp + Comp >= 10 then it is Tier 1

if it is between 6 and 9 then its 2

if it is between 3-5 its 3

if it is 4 then its sorry not qualified


Here is my formula... I started it check syntax and I got a wierd error message:

Error: Compiled formula is too big to execute (7,776 characters). Maximum size is 5,000 characters


IF(Exp_No_Selected__c+Comp_Selected__c >= 10,'Tier 1', 
IF((Exp_No_Selected__c+Comp_Selected__c  >= 6) && (Exp_No_Selected__c+Comp_Selected__c  <= 9),'Tier 2', '')

 Can anyone dumb it down for me... Cause I am lost...


Amber NeillAmber Neill

You can save yourself some characters by having a field (hidden to all users but you) that does the math.

That field would have the following formula:

Exp_No_Selected__c + Comp_Selected__c 

Then, you can use that new formula field in this formula.

I hope this makes sense!



I try that to, I created a formula Field TC ,

which TC = Exp_No_Selected__c + Comp_Selected__c


Then went to create another formula to do the Tier by using TC and came up with the same error...


This is sooo weird

Amber NeillAmber Neill

Well, you've stumped me.  Anyone else care to jump in?

Sorry I wasn't more help!


Hi etechcareers,


Try this:


Use the field that you created that does the calculation for you:



CASE(Field TC__c,
"1", "Sorry not Qualified",
"2", "Sorry not Qualified",
"3", "Tier 3",
"4", "Tier 3",
"5", "Tier 3",
"6", "Tier 2",
"7", "Tier 2",
"8", "Tier 2",
"9", "Tier 2", "Tier 1"



I like to use CASE over IF statements when I can, they save space.


Let me know if this works.