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Need Help - Autorun

Hoping someone can advise. I have created a dependency on two picklist, the second of which,  when "yes" is selected, I would like an automatic e-mail sent to a specified e-mail address.


The way it is currently set up is that you select the values in the picklists and if you select yes, you receive an error stating, please e-mail... and i've created a button for e-mail.


Is there a way to 1) make these dependent (I think only picklists can have dependencies); or 2) execute a trigger via code to autorun?


Your advise is greatly appreciated.




Can you not create a Workflow Rule/ Email Update that fires whenever a record is created or edited that has "dependent picklist 2" value of Yes?


I appreciate the suggestion. Workflow did not work..it is requesting an endpt URL and will not accept encoding for mailto:...

apex whistlerapex whistler

Is the specified email address fix or dynamic based on record owner or some other value?