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Salesforce Administrator Available in AZ

I am currently searching for a Salesforce Admin position either remote or in Phoenix, AZ area.


My experience is as followed and the rest can be viewed on Linkedin at     



  • Establish and maintain a high data quality Database.
    Maintains at least high-level familiarity with other IT system /business application
    Structure, establish and run reports and dashboards using SFDC geared towards key stakeholders (sales, marketing, executive teams, channel partners, customer support etc.)
    Manages all security settings and conduct regular security/configuration audits
    Manages all new user set-ups and deactivation, including following approval process and transferring ownership of accounts/contacts/opportunities for deactivated users
    Executes all configuration changes (this may involve simply changing field names or
    could be more work-intensive project such a re-mapping fields and field value or doing
    a record update project that may require tools such as the Apex Data Loader, Demand Tools, or Excel
    Regularly audits data to uncover data integrity issues and/or opportunities for process
    Performs mass data imports using the API or a import tools as requested by CRM Manager or others after approval
    Manages and implements customization requests by sales Managers creating workflow triggers, workflow alerts, automated email responses, etc.
    Maintains updated system documentation and Salesforce policies/procedures
    Maintains the Salesforce mailbox by promptly responding to user questions and
    requests for administrative support 
    Maintains naming conventions and ensures standardization of pick lists, report folders, dashboards, etc. to improve system usability
    Performs manual or automated data entry/data clean-up as required on a regular bases 
    Modifying the sharing model as required
    Modifying leads and case setup
    Creating and managing email and mail merge templates
    Creating and modifying list views
    Creating and maintaining custom fields and modifying pick list values
    Importing and updating campaign data
    Creating/Modifying Lead Assignment Rules
    Manage roles and profiles (successfully completed organizational reorg of 200 users)

Hi Billie,

Mansa Systems is a San Francisco based global enterprise application services provider with core competencies in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Applications Implementation, Cloud Application Development, Data Management, Business Intelligence and Mobile Application Development.
Currently we are hiring PART TIME  Salesforce consultants for the following positions. Please forward your resume to us to discuss this further

Duration  - Long Term with us 
Location - Any where in US

1. Salesforce Business Analyst 
2. Salesforce Admin / BA
3. Salesforce Architect

Good Morning and thank you for your note. If you have remote positions available I would consider as I am not willing to relocate at this time. Thanks


We are looking for Remote only. As all these positions are remote . Please share your email ID so that I can send you the mail


OR mail me at anuradha.sinha@mansasys.com