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Deploying External Webservice on Salesforce Servers

Hello Friends,
I have developed my own custom webservice which integrates salesforce database with Oracle database at the backend.
I now want to deploy/host this webservice on Salesforce servers itself. I dont want to re-write it with APEX . I just want to deploy it on salesforce server instead of using any 3rd party server for hosting it.
Does Salesforce allows this? If yes, then how can i do this? By uploading the WSDL i am just able to call an external Webservice. But i want to deploy and then call it from salesforce itself.
I would be really grateful if anyone can give any pointers on this.
If you want to run code you write on a salesforce.com server, it will have to be written in apex.

Thanks For the reply Simon.

I have not written it in Apex. It is a JAVA code which connects Salesforce to Oracle database. Does this mean that is it not possible to deploy my own webservice written in some other language on Salesforce servers like i wanna do in this case?

Can we directly write this in APEX will be by next question to you?


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hi all 


can any one proved us any exmaple for calling any External Webservice within Salesforce(using  Apex tech)


arun thakur



refer this - Link