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Eclipse and IDE not syncing 100%

Hi.  In the past I had no problems at all with the Apex toolkit for Eclipse.  In wanting to use the latest API and tools, I decided (stupidly) to use the new plugin for Eclipse 3.3.x.x. 

Now the fun part.  When I create a new project and hook up to our org's sandbox, I get a list of folders and one that contains our s-controls, triggers and classes (src>unpackaged).  My question to anyone who can help:  first, is this the project layout for everyone as well?  I see folders for various app exchange items we placed up there months ago, and some other fodlers that I don't understand the point of.  Why are they in the IDE?  And second, and the biggest headache at the moment....why arean't all of the s-controls in our sandbox being listed?   Maybe 25% of the controls are available and the same is true for the triggers. 

I've tried to get an answer from our premire support rep to no avail.  This is really messing our team up as we're in development on some items and now have to edit in a text editor and then copy and save in the UI.  That gets pretty old over the course of a day or week.

Any hlope would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,

We have done the same upgrade to 3.3 and here are some of the things I have learned...

1) There should be a folder called "Referenced Packages" which houses all elements which were created in any managed released packages you may have in your developer instance.

2)  All scontrols, triggers, classes which were created under an older version API less then 11.1 should show up in the "Referenced Packages" folder.

3) If you want to have them show up under the src folder than they need to be upgraded to the latest version of the API but they will show up as beta in your developer instance until you repackage the app and deploy it to the appexchange.  If you need to create new apex code or scontrols then you can right click on the project name under "src" and it will automatically create the object in the API version...

Hey, thanks for the reply.  In looking at the Eclipse project of our sandbox, I do see the Referenced Packages folder....but it is totally empty.  Under that is various folders from what it seems are projects my developers have moved from their developer orgs to our that makes sense.  Under the 'unpackaged' folder I still see the classes/triggers/classes folders with partial data.

Since I'm not dealing with the developer edition, and am trying to connect to our sandbox, I wonder what the difference are.

Idea from what you said...I guess I should try and upgrade that Ajax toolkit version in a missing s-control?  The old ones are on version 9..0 so I can try to update that version and see what happens.


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Hey BGrimes.  I don't think the version is restricting access in the IDE.  All components - S-Controls, Apex Triggers, etc - should show up in your project.  We'll need to investigate.  Can you send me your IDE logs?


Log sent.  And as I mentioned in my email, I do see where the other s-controls failed to be retrieved.  Interesting.


Was there ever a solution to this?  I am having the same issue.


The toolkit occasionally bugs out on me, when I try to sync. If your folder is completely out of sync, you can try using the Synchronize with Server option. Assuming that fails, you can open your project, back up the modifications you've made to another folder, delete the contents of the src folder (do not delete the folder itself!), and then use Refresh from Server. Once you are back in sync, copy the files with your modifications back into the project folder, then use Save to Salesforce on those files to commit them. I believe the conflicts seem to be created by the metadata on some rare cases.