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Document Scan and Upload

I am a newbie when it comes to SalesForce. Can anyone give me an idea how to implement the following functionality.
On click of a single button, a document will be scanned and then the scanned document will be uploaded.
Any pointers ?


"Scanned" as in from a tangible piece of paper, scanned using a physical hardware scanner, converted to the appropriate format and uploaded to the appropriate location in Salesforce?

If this is the case, it isn't anything you can do completely in Salesforce. You could, I guess, press the Scan button on the scanner (with a document in the scanning bed), which may or may not automatically save a document (all depends on your scanner hardware/software) to a specific directory on your hard drive. That specific directory could have a small "listener" program that checks the contents of the directory every so often to see if a new file has been placed there. Then, using the web services API, upload the document into the Document repository in Salesforce.

Hopefully this is way above and beyond what you are really trying to do, because it could be very involved (and most likely still require more than 1 absolute click).

Best of luck!