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Creating a web2lead from Flex using Apex toolkit

Hello there,
I have a requirement to create a salesforce lead from a flex application using the flex apex tool kit (i.e., lead enters the details on a flex form, and the same is created in SFDC at the background). Is there a way I can do this like any typical JSP or ASP web2lead where we post the form ? Any hints would be helpful !

Arun B
If Web-to-Lead is enabled on your organization, you wouldn't need to do anything but create a Flex form that submits to SFDC's Web-to-Lead URL.  Make sure to include your organization's id as a hidden field.

For an example of Flex submitting to an external form (in this case, a PHP form), see http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/php_getstarted.html#section2.
Arun BArun B
Thanks jeremyfrey1. That sample worked very well while connecting to salesforce too.

Thanks again,
Arun B