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Compiled successfully but how to run this program in sales force developer edition

Hi Folks,
Thanks for all moderators in the forums for solving compilation issue
now how can run this program ,i have a developer edition account and button with "Run Test"
is disable for my developer account so how can i run the following program and is there any way to
print the values in set or list , suggestions are welcome.

public class InsertAccount{

public void createAccount(){

try {

// Create a list with two references to the same sObject element
Account a = new Account();
Account[] accs = new Account[]{a, a};

// Attempt to insert it...
insert accs;

// Will not get here

} catch (ListException e) {
// But will get here
} }
You "Run test" button is disabled because you do not have any test method, like:

public static testMethod void testIsATestMethod() {

You can also quickely test you apex code from "System Log" link at the top of the page.