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Summer '08 release and broken Eclipse projects?

Hello  -

we are trying to create new (and even just a simple update) APEX classes and triggers in our Sandbox.  We were 'upgraded' about a week ago to Summer '08...and now we cannot connect via the Force.com IDE/Eclipse.  We can't be the only ones with this problem, yet at the same time there seems to be nothing out there for help on this.

Does anyone have any idea what might going on here?  We're on na3 if that matters at all.  This is just the latest is what is now a broken Sandbox integration with Summer '08.

I too have same problem. I am not able to create any new force.com projects on eclipse after this upgrade.

However I am able to create projects for production and developer accounts.

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Well I'm glad to hear we're not alone.

Another Summer '08 problem thus far is that it appears our outbound messages are failing when hitting our endpoints.  Exact same set up from production and that's 100% up and stable.

Anyway, we've tried to contact our premier support rep about both issues today, and still nothing...not even an email to confirm the issues.  Must be a big(ger) issue?

Are you still experiencing any problems using the Spring '08 Force.com IDE with the Summer '08 release of Salesforce?