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Calculating Annual % of Quota

Hi All, I'm sure this has probably been covered before but I can't find anything.  I would like to create a report/dashboard that shows annual % of quota for all reps.  As you know, the Customizeable Forecast reports only run % of quota monthly or quarterly.  I thought I could just create a new custom User formula for "annual quota", and then use a custom summary formula to calculate:
Sum of Won Opportunities / Annual Quota
but I can't get it to work.
Anyone have any ideas?

Use the quota v Actual report and create a custom summary field on the Select Columns to Total screen.  The formula you need is Closed (Rev) / Quota (Rev).  Specify the time period as current FY.


Hi, it seems that I can not get the report which includes all sales reps, ie., the report can not show all rep's closed vs quota, the org drill down only shows the current user @ the level I select.
Am I missing something?
The report you mention does not seem to be editable/customizable.  (I have admin access).  What am I missing here?
Guys, in the winter 07 release, we can create custom fields for users, meaning we can create quota fields for sales reps and reference these quota fields in the report, at least this is what my CSM told me, I have not tried yet.
My concern is, how to handle the historical data? like 2007 quota, 2008 quota, ....

We have been continually bumping against the confines of SFDC Quota/Forecasting.

We want to calculate Closed $ to Quota using custom currency field instead of the "Amount" field as well as a custom date field instead of the "Close Date" field. 

Can someone confirm that this is in fact not currently possible and that I am not just missing somthing obvious? An of course if I AM missing something.... what?