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Validation rule when converting a lead

Please help anyone.
When a salerep converts a lead, he is presented with two options, Qualified or Unqualified, whereby it then either creates an opportunity or not, and moves the lead into an account/contact.
What I am trying to enforce is that when the rep converts the lead and selects "Unqualified", that it checks the field "reason_for_no" to make sure there is data in the field. 
I tried from examples so I have no idea if I even came close with the example below.  I keep getting errors.
    ISPICKVAL( IsConverted , "Unqualified"),
 ISNULL(  Reason_for_Unqualified__c, ""  ))
You use ISNULL with numeric and date fields and LEN with text fields, SO, your formula should look like:
       (ISPICKVAL(IsConverted, "Unqualified"),
Hope I'm right, ALSO, there's apparently a security setting that must be turned on "org wide" to recognize validation rules through lead conversion, HOWEVER, I have yet to find it (it's new with this release) and I was trying to find that when I found your question.
I'm a newbie, so I hope I'm right with your question!!!

Here's how to navigate to the setting mentioned by TechieChik41:

Customize | Leads | Settings | Enforce Validation and Triggers from Lead Convert

5th Wheel Steve5th Wheel Steve
I am using enterprise edition and do not see that option?
We only have a Lead conversion settings switch?

Does something else have to be enabled?