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? Tips on reducing compiled formula size ?

I get the following error message for my formula:
Error: Compiled formula is too big to execute (5,217 characters).
I've tried shortening the Field Labels as well as the Field Names.  I even tried making the field lengths shorter.
Nothing I've tried has changed the formula size.
Any other suggestions???
The issue is normally cause when you pull the result from a formula into another formula.  The system pulls the entire formula, not just the answer, into the new formula.  One of the easiest ways to bypass this is if you have Enterprise Edition and access to Workflow Rules - Field Updates.  You can setup a field update which takes the value of the formula and can post it to a text field without the underlying formula.  If you don't have EE then I'm not sure of any way to bypass this feature.
The workflow would need to be triggered off of something that is always true and would be triggered every time the record is edited.  A trigger like, OpportunityName Not Equal to <blank>.

If you have any long OR statements try using the ( : ) multiple operator in a CONTAINS function instead.


If you have any large nested IF statements try using CASE statements instead.


Both of these will sometimes reduce formula compile sizes.