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How to send an Email alert to the custom lookup fields (that refers to all users)




I have a custom field in the custom object. That custom field is a lookup field that refers to all User.


On editing of a particular field I want an email should get fire to that custom field.


Although i have tried using Related Type as Related User. But its not firing email alerts.


Pls help

Best Answer chosen by Admin (Salesforce Developers) 

You need to create a workflow. Follow the steps given below :


1.   Evaluation Criteria: select “Every time a record is created or edited”
2.   Rule Criteria: select “Formula evaluates to true”, and write “ISCHANGED( custom_field )” formula in formula editor
3.   Select “mail alert” as action
4.   As Recipient Type select related User from picklist and add them list.


Hope this helps.