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Routing/Emailing cases based on time created

Good Morning, All,


My company uses Email2Case to generate cases in our Queue.  Currently, we have workflow rules set in place to email every agent in the support group when a Queue case is created.   This works well, but cluters up everyone's email inboxes.  What we are trying to do is send these email notifications only during non-business/on call hours, and allowing the Queue to be monitored during the day by the support agents. 


We set up On Call Business Hours, hoping to reference those in any workflow rules, but that is not apparently possible.  We then tried to use Escalation Rules, which does seem to partially work.  However, the Escalation Actions only allow for email notification after 30 minutes, which is too long for our application. 


Does anyone have additional ideas or thoughts on how to implement what we are trying to do?





If possible you can have trigger to send the email to the users in non Business hours, what your trigger will actually do, it will run only when it non business hours and on the creation of the new case for a queue in non business hours the trigger will run and will send an email to the users.

Hope I am getting your issue.
Let me know for further issues.