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Hoi NguyenHoi Nguyen 

Lead score - adding points based on number of calls to actions completed

Hi all--


I have what seems to be a simple problem that I can't figure out.


I'm basically trying to include in our lead score formula a way to add on additional points for every CTA that a lead completes.


As it is now, our formula only takes into account the most recent call to action. For example, if a lead fills out a free trial - they would get 5 points. If they next filled out a demo, then the score would show 3 points. However, I want it to say 8 points.

The field that we use is called "CTA most recent" and it changes everytime a lead fills out a different form. Is there a way to say in the formula, "If 'CTA most recent' is changed to ___" add 3 points?


All help much appreciated!




If you are using Enterprise/Unlimited, you should be able to do this with a workflow rule and field update.  There is a caveat that this will work only if you are updating the "CTA Most Recent" field in a way that will trigger the workflow.


Create a new custom field "CTA total".  


Create a workflow rule testing for changes in the "CTA Most Recent" field.  Use a formula: ISCHANGED(CTA_most_recent__c) = TRUE


Create an associated field update that will update "CTA Total" with the value of "CTA Most Recent".  

CTA_Total__c + CTA_most_recent__c


"CTA Total" will have the accumulated value for all the times CTA Most recent has been changed.  You can use "CTA Total" in your Lead Scoring formula.