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Brijesh KumarBrijesh Kumar 

how to declared two-dimensional array in apex class

i want to declare this.......

private Double[][] matrix;

but i am getting error.i am not find a solution to declaration of 2-D array.
Please give me  a solution to declared 2-D array because i am working of 2D matrix inversion.
It is most requirement in our project.

Thanks & Regards
Brijesh kumar baser
David VPDavid VP
Check the Apex Language Reference for Lists of Lists (I copied the example below straight from there) :

To declare a list, use the List keyword followed by the primitive data, sObject, nested list, map, or set type within <> characters. For example:

// Create an empty list of String
List<String> my_list = new List<String>();
// Create a nested list
List<List<Set<Integer>>> my_list_2 = new List<List<Set<Integer>>>();

 A list can contain any object, including Doubles


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Brijesh KumarBrijesh Kumar
Hi David VP
But i want to declare 2-D array because i want to calculate inverse of matrix.
I think for matrix declaration we use 2D array.
Matrix dimensions are 12*1.

So please give me a solution to declare two dimensional array.

Thanks & Regards
Brijesh Kumar Baser
David VPDavid VP

If you say that the matrix dimensions are 12*1 then I'm not sure if I'm really following you on the '2D' part of your question ?

Anyway, to see the List of List trick in action, throw this in your System Log window and execute it :

List<List<Double>> My_Array = new List<List<Double>>();

//I'll fill them up with a loop here  
for(Integer i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
   //create the 'columns'
   List<Double> columns = new List<Double>();
      for(Integer j = 0; j <10; j++) {
       Double d = j;


//get any element in the matrix
System.debug('Element at row 2 column 4 : ' + My_Array.get(1).get(3));

//or if you want to change this value
My_Array.get(1).set(3, Double.valueOf('3.14159'));

//check if it did change
System.debug('Element at row 2 column 4 : ' + My_Array.get(1).get(3));

Hope this helps,



Here is an example on how initialize a two-dimensional array in apex.


   // Two demensonal array
  List<List<String>> arrayList = new List<List<String>>
     new String[]{'Item 1', 'Item 2'},
     new String[]{'Item 1', 'Item 2'}