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Jon AtchisonJon Atchison 

Passing a Currency in an S-Control

I have a Custom S-Control (Detail Page Button) which creates a record in another object and passes relationships and data fields.  I can easily pass text fields without issue and date fields also, but I am having difficulty passing Currency values from 1 currency field to another.  I have tried to pass a number into a currency and this is also not working for me.  I am attempting to run a division in the s-control on that field, dividing it by a value in another passed field. 

Am I missing something or does anyone have a suggestion for me.  The only other option I can think of is passing the 2 values independently as numbers, reconverting back to currency in formula fields and then in a final field doing the division calculation.

Any advise would be appreciated.
Did you ever find a solution?  I have the same problem... unable to pass CurrencyISOCode field values from parent to child object via URL or S-Control.

I figured it out with the help of my collegues...

My  orginal button was trying (unsuccessfully) to pass currency from the Account object to a custom object called Project by including the following statement in the URL:


After eliminating the fully qualified field name, the following statement was successful:




Jon AtchisonJon Atchison
Excellent, that worked.  Thank you!