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Validation Rule: to assign value to text field


I thought this should be simple, but it didnt work out the way I had it in mind. I have a checkbox named ALL. I want to write something in a textbox if the checkbox is checked.

All I did was

IF ( All__c, Link_selected__C = " some text here", null).

But when I create a new object, nothing is entered into the text field Link Selected. And there is nothing in the field when I save the record.

Would appreciate any help.


You should use workflow rule with a field update.
Try something like:
IF ( All__c, " some text here", null).
If I  understand correctly All__c is your checkbox field, and if you check it you want "some text" to populate the text formula field Link_selected__C .  If Link_selected__C is not a text formula field, then the formula would need to be used in workflow field update instead as mentioned above.