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Custom Rollup-Summary Formula/S-Control/Whatever

I have created a custom object called Preleads.  Preleads can be "stand-alone" records or associated with a Lead using a Lookup Relationship field.  Leads then have a related list section on their record page for the users to view and associate.  We are using Professional Edition (which I'm worried will limit my ability to add a custom solution).
Rollup-Summary fields are not available for lookup relationship fields and Master-Detail relationship fields cannot be used for Lead records (why, Salesforce, why?).  I need a formula/s-control to give a total number of preleads associated to a lead.  I want this to be on the lead record so that the user can determine easily how many they have.  I have trolled the discussion board and blogs to no avail, although it seems there are a number of people with this same problem.  Has anyone come up with a solution?

You won't be able to accomplish this with formulas as of yet   It is a major request to be able to reference grandparent records for formulas, which is what you are asking it seems.

I will not get into s-controls for now.   I have been out of that loop for far too long :smileytongue:

I spoke with Salesforce.com today about this... they don't have solution as of yet.  So, I posted the idea on the IdeaExchage.
The best thing to do now is promote it until they pay attention!