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Apex Code Package installed into Professional Edition

Hi folks - I've got mixed answers on this one. If I create an AppExchange application that uses Apex Code as part of it, can I install that application into a customer's professional edition org?

If not, that would severely reduce the chance that we could actually use Apex Code since it would mean that we couldn't sell to a big chunk of customers.

Yes, your packaged Apex Code can be installed in a PE org, but it's my understanding that your code will need to honor the limitations of the lowest edition you wish to support.
That's what I've heard but when building a simple test package that includes an apex code class, we are getting the following error when trying to install that package into a professional edition org:


Unable to install this package for the following reasons:

Missing Feature - Installing this package requires the following features and it's associated permissions: Apex Class


This seems to suggest that it's now allowed?
Distribution to non-author apex orgs (Professional/Group Editions) is possible today if your publishing account has been been authorized for such distribution. The process to have your account authorized in this way is still being formalized. Please speak with your alliances representative about this for more information.

As EJ points out, however, your application needs to conform to the lowest common denominator.


Which SalesForce partnership would be needed to have it enabled.  ISV, Consulting or Referral.

I don't know which type applies here. The intention of this capability is to support managed package applications that are listed on the AppExchange.  Typically I would expect this to be mostly ISV partners but check with your partner account manager for specifics.
It seems I have the same problem.
I have developed a VF page + custom controller + tested 75%
Uploaded Managed Package.
Now I need to install it to my customer's Professional Edition.
Who do I have to connect to get the relevant authorization to my publishing account?
Thanks & good day.

You can install Apex Code into Group and Professional Edition if the managed package has been authorized. This occurs when you go through the Security Review. This is available to anyone who wants to publish their app on to the AppExchange. More details about the Security Review can be found here.


Once makes your managed package authorized, your Apex Code can be installed in GE or PE. But be sure other features of your app are supported for those editions. For instance, if you have Record Types, even with authorization, you still won't be able to install in PE and GE. Authorization only applies to Apex Code.


Hope that helps,


Thank you very much for your answer Sati !

To actually perform the security review I have to apply becoming an ISV Partner.

If I am a freelance developer, what kind of partnership would apply to me? Consulting or Referral?

At the moment I am not bringing new SF customers (just developing for existing ones) but eventually that could happen.



Hi there,


I have exactly the same issue. Any help on how should i get started with it?


I have a free Salesforce App. Will i still be able to do this?





This is the link to the Partner Portal Login to become a salesforce partner.

This is the place to apply.


Regards and Good luck.

I'm getting the same error ... were you able to install your app on Professional?

Hi DougyP,


In order for a Apex Code package to run on, it needs to pass the security review.  I have initiated a Security review for my App and it is under progress.