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Getting started with Apex Email services

This question comes from a guy who is not a developer (per se) but understands enough to implement things with a little help.... :smileywink:
What is the minimal amount of code that I would need to get Apex Email services started.  The need we are trying to solve is basically along the lines of the Email-to-case solution.  We get lots of requests from our Sales guys and just want to create "Cases" from the emails, which don't get lost like emails! Nothing fancy!
Any bits of sample code would be greatly appreciated, (along with a basic instructions for how to implement the code)
Thanks in advance!
Rasmus MenckeRasmus Mencke

Take a look at the Developer wiki, there are two pieces of sample code that should get you started



on top of the post above, you'll also need to ensure that your email server can deliver to the dynamic address salesforce will generate.  you can't just forward email to it and expect the contact info to stay intact.  MS Exchange supports this by creating an email list, and having one of the SMTP deliver-to addresses be the SF one.

Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo/etc will not work for this type of implementation.
The Apex Email Services work fine in Gmail by setting up a filter to forward to the dynamic salesforce address.
good to know.  thanks for checking that out.  :)