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Query issues

Hello guys,

I am trying to create a report and was having some trouble getting it done and hoping i could get some assistance here. This is what our org looks like we have an opportunity object which relates to a custom object called Bid. The bid object has a couple of related lists called Assets, with multiple assets listed and contact role with multiple contacts listed.

I am trying to create a query that will bring in the bid along with all the related opportunity, asset and contact role data. So far what i have been able to do is get two tables, Bids with project and asset data AND Bids with contact role data.

If i try to merge the two i repeated rows for each bid item that has more than one asset or role.

How can get each Bid to display in one row and if there are multiple assets or roles they should appear in a new column.

Is this even possible?

SFDC Kallu