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Apex generation from WSDL failed for Amazon AWS SimpleDB WSDL


I'm trying to generate an Apex class from the WSDL file from Amazon AWS's SimpleDB web service:

The file parses fine, but then when I try to generate the Apex class I get this error message:

Apex generation failed.

Error message:

Error: Unable to find name for element in :ListDomainsResponse_element

Anyone know how to deal with this, or seen this before with other WSDL files?

I'm guessing it's a problem with the Apex generator, not the WSDL, because I don't see anything out of the ordinary in the WSDL.

I think I may be able to get around using SOAP since they offer HTTP REST services also, but it seems like the SOAP interface would be a better way to use the service.

thanks, -paul

Message Edited by ptepper on 06-23-2008 01:19 PM

Message Edited by ptepper on 06-23-2008 01:20 PM
wsdl2apex does not support element ref:

<xs:element ref="tns:ResponseMetadata"/>

Ok, I guess I'll have to wait until it does or do this another way.

Hi ptepper,

Did you find any workaround fore element ref?
You can create a custom web service to parse the data and publish the schema based on SFDC requirements of schema.
Another method is to use AJAX , but this not good way. You should use AJAX only if you do not have external server for staging or intermediate processing.
Apex strictly accepts DLT based schemas

Message Edited by Sumeet on 10-05-2008 05:27 PM

does SF have any intention of extending WSDL2Apex to support more common web services, like this one, and even more so, IIS powered web services?


Creating your own web service, just to power this feature, or the horrible recommendation of Ajax I saw, are just too easy to throw out there as "solutions".  If SF wants to spread their footprint out for web service integration, the barrier to get started needs to be non-existent.