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Creating a Related List...

I have created a package in my account and uploaded it to the AppExchange.  I then installed the packaged in another account.  But I noticed that I am not seening the releated list section in the Contact tab, whereas I do in my first account (the one that I created the package from).
Is it possible to add this related field to the package?  If not, how can I have the person that installs my package create the necessary related list section in the Contact tab?

Finally figured this out (although I'm still not sure if you can include this in the package).  Anyhow, you go to "setup" -> "customize" -> "contacts" -> "page layouts", then click "edit" next to "Contact Layout".  On the left sid you see a drop down box that is defaulted at "Contact Fields".  Change this drop down box to "Contact Related Lists", you will now see your available related lists, and finally drag the related list of your choice to the "Related Lists" section in the main window (at the bottom).  Voila!

Don't forget to save now.




This is correct.  Currently you can not include page layouts for standard objects or modify existing page layouts for standard objects.  You will have to include instructions in your application that will let the install know that these modifications have to be done after they install the application.