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How to change the namespace after package creation?

I created a package and uploaded it to App Exchange, but I later realized that I should have chosen something else for the name of my namespace.  How do I now edit my namespace?  By clicking on the "Help on this page" link on I read this (on "Setup" -> "Exchange" -> "Shared Apps"):
"This [edit] button does not appear if you have already configured your developer settings"
So, that answers my original question of where the "edit" button went, but now I want to edit my developer settings.  How do I do so?
Jim Yu.ax185Jim Yu.ax185
Hi Chris,

The developer settings cannot be changed once they have been set.  Currently, to change the namespace prefix, you would need to create a new DE org and move your components over (through an unmanaged package).



That's what I ultimately did, that's rather irritating.  But all is well now.

Chirag MehtaChirag Mehta
Seems like only option is to spin new org, waste of org and time.