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Releasing Apps

We want to publish our first app - Telecom Order Management, we have uploaded to appexchange, the status shows Unlisted - New.
Is there anything else we have to do? or it will be reviewed after this point? If yes, how long it may take.
Thanks & Regards
Bhaskar Roy

The general flow is Upload  - Register - Publish.  here is a link to all of the steps in the publishing process




I wanted to know how and when the status 'Unlisted - New' will change. I couldn't find anymore infor on this.



Chikpea, all the information you need is on the page Greg sent the link for. After you've set a publisher profile, picked an exchange and set your categories, you can use the Submit for Publication link.


Make sure you read through all steps to prepare for review. it's all in there.


Once your application in uploaded and registered, you will need to assign it to an exchange (US Exchange) and categorize the application. You will then need to assign the publisher to yourself and you will then see a submit for publication link that submits the application for review. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please follow the following URL: https://www.salesforce.com/appexchange/becomingPartner.jsp.



Thanks Niko for the info and suggestions.

Bhaskar Roy