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"Lite" vs. "Full" app versions...can I?

I want to be able to offer a choice of a free, "Lite" version as well as a paid "Full" version of my app.
I want to maintain only one code base, and my app will handle disabling the "full" version's features that are not included in the "Lite" version, based upon the end client's flag in my database and/or referencing information from the Salesforce/AppExchange/AppStore API ...

Is it possible to create just one dev account, and one mangaged package that will allow for both styles of the application to be available/listed? or will I have to create two managed packages [under two dev accounts] ((or only list the free style, and ask within it if they would like to upgrade, and handle the sales myself?))

This is an unofficial response (I am not with Salesforce), but I think if you want 2 listings on AppExchange, you will need to have 2 packages.  If you go that route, it's not too bad because you can combine them in reports in your Salesforce License Manager org to see who has what.

The following is without knowledge of whether your interest in having 2 listings is based on a marketing or technical thing.  If it's a technical thing, read on...

My personal opinion would be for you to have 1 listing for the package.  When people download it, give them whatever version you want to default them to and up/downgrade them within your app accordingly.  In Salesforce, you'll be able to see who has the package and who doesn't in License Manager.  If you want the extra reporting capabilities inside Salesforce, you could add a custom field to the License object that stores the "Edition" (Lite or Full).  Your app could keep that up to date behind the scenes.  The end result is a single AppExchange package with licenses that specify the Edition they are using.

My main reason for that recommendation is that it will be a real pain in the a$$ for you and your customers if you are asking them to uninstall/reinstall different AppExchange packages based up the edition they have.


Looks like I may have to go that secondary route, though I am now in discussions with an AppExchange/SalesForce person to discuss all of the options available. Hopefully we will get everything squared away.

Thank you again.

Sure thing.  The AppExchange team will help you out and I am sure there are some things they can do behind the scenes that might not be apparent when managing listings yourself.  The bottom line to my previous post is that if you expect customers to be bouncing between the Lite and Full versions, then you don't want to make them un/reinstall AppExchange packages.  If they will basically be picking a version and sticking to it, then 2 listings would make sense.

This might be unrelated for your needs but we've solved it another way using LM-X License Manager from

This has been working out pretty good and our customers are happy which obviously is the most important.