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HELP! Formula Field for New Event Button

Trying to create a "New Event" button, when clicked, will automatically set the Event duration to 30 mins. I don't get a syntax error in my code but when I test it, the Event duration remains at the default 1 hour.


Here is my code.


/00U/e?title=Outside Sales Call&who_id={!Lead.Id}{!Contact.Id}&what_id={!Opportunity.Id}{!Account.Id}
{!Event.DurationInMinutes = 30}
&followup=1&tsk5=Outside Sales Call&retURL=%2F{!Lead.Id}{!Contact.Id}{!Opportunity.Id}{!Account.Id}



Sudipta DebSudipta Deb
Interesting one.
You need to replace title with evt5 to setup the title.