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Case Report Formula

Whenever I comment on a case that I am working on it creates a new record that shows up in my cases report.  So depending on the case, it could have multiple comments and thus multiple records associated with the case.  Is there any way to filter the case comment creation date to just show the most recent comment?  I would like to run a report and see the case with just the most recent comments and not every comment the case has.








Your requirement can be implemented in the following way:-


1. Create a field in case say "Latest Case Comment DateTime" and using either a workflow or trigger get this field populated with the creation date of the latest comment created/made.


2. Create a formula field say "IsLatest" at the case comment level which is set to true if  Latest Case Comment DateTime and case Comment created datetime is equal.


3. Now create a report on case object , select case comment as a field / column to be display and in filter criteria set the filter to IsLatest is set to true



Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved.



I am a bit new to sales force so I am not quite sure how to create the "Latest Case Comment DateTime" field via a workflow or trigger.  Any help you could provide me on how to create this field would be much appreciated.


Thank you!