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Issues with formula field (calculation)

Hey guys,


I’m working on a making a change to a formula field located on our opportunity records and I’m having massive issues.  Our current formula for calculating ACV is:


IF( Contract_Duration__c >12, 12 * MRR__c , Contract_Duration__c * MRR__c )



This has worked perfectly amongst our different opportunity types (we have several) but now we are encountering issues with a new opportunity type.  The new opportunity type would need to calculate the ACV differently- it essentially would be the value of the standard “Amount” field. 


Anybody know how I can differentiate between the opp types (pretty much evaluate if the opp record type is NOT equal to the new type it would run the standard formula, and if it was than it would run the new formula)?  Thanks in advance!



Steve :-/Steve :-/

You can amend your VR with a $RecordType.Name = "XXXXXXXX"  or $RecordType.Name <> "XXXXXXXX" to exempt or incluse specific Record Types from your VR, or force a different calculation.


Thanks for such a fast reply, I greatly appreciate it.  I actually tried doing an IF statement and establishing that as the first criteria: $RecordType.Name <> "XXXXXXXX" , Old Formula (nested IF statement) , Amount


I tried this and it didn't work semantically - there were no syntax errors.  The ACV field was correct if the opp type equaled the new value, but it would just show 0 for all of the other record types.


Steve :-/Steve :-/

Can you post the exact Formula you're using (use the Code Clipboard) also incled a list of all Record Type Names on your SFDC Org (copy&paste so the spelling and punctuation are exact) and finally, verify that every record on your SFDC org has a Record Type assigned to it.  If you implement Record Types after you roll out you org you could have old records hanging around with no Record Type assigned (and that would be a bad thing)


Thanks for your help on this one- really appreciate it.  Here's the list of all opp record types (spelling and punc. are correct, and I verified that all records have a type associated with it):


Full Cancellation
Influencer Activity
Partial Cancellation
Win Back
Speaking Opportunity
Award Submission
New Division
Publisher Cancellation
Platform Beta
Platform Upsell
Platform Renewal


Here's the exact Formula for the ACV field :


IF( Contract_Duration__c >12, 12 *  MRR__c , Contract_Duration__c  *  MRR__c )

Steve :-/Steve :-/

Okay, which ones are exempt and which ones aren't?  

Can you post the actual formula you used (with the RecordType.Name statement included)?