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Formula to copy data from an ACCOUNT field down to a CONTACT field

When you convert a LEAD into Account/Contact, has rules in place that copies the data where it deems best.   One example is the LEAD SOURCE field winds up being transferred over to ACCOUNTS level record.    I however also want that same data to appear down in each CONTACT record that is a part of that same ACCOUNT.   When we are on the phone, I want to know what the LEAD SOURCE is.    How can this be solved?     Can I just display the account field LEAD SOURCE in the Contact view?  Or perhaps I have to create a custom field in CONTACTS level and create a formula for grabbing/copying that data down into Contacts - Lead Source field.


NOTE:  We are on GROUP EDITION of Salesforce.


Thanks for your assistance.

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Thanks Kyle!  This is precisely what I was trying to accomplish.   Great going and thanks for helping out us rookies!

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Based on documentation under: "What happens when I convert a Lead?"



When a user converts a lead the following actions will occur:

1. The Lead may be attached to an existing Account or a new Account will be created.

2. The Lead may be attached to an existing Contact or a new contact will be created and attached to the account.

3. Users have the option to create an opportunity that will also be attached to the created account.

The standard lead fields are automatically converted to the account, contact, and opportunity fields listed below. Any custom lead fields you have are converted to custom account, contact, and opportunity fields as specified by your administrator (see Mapping Custom Lead Fields).

Lead Field --> Maps to
Address --> Account: Billing Address & Contact: Mailing Address
Annual Revenue --> Account: Annual Revenue
Campaign --> Opportunity: Campaign Source
(If the lead has multiple associated campaigns, the campaign with the most recently updated member status is inserted into the opportunity.)
Company --> Account: Account Name & Contact: Account & Opportunity: Account Name & Opportunity: Opportunity Name
Description --> Contact: Description
Email --> Contact: Email
Email Opt Out --> Contact: Email Opt Out (For updates to existing contacts, this field is not updated.)
Fax -->Account: Fax & Contact: Fax
First Name --> Contact: First Name
Industry --> Account: Industry
Last Name --> Contact: Last Name
Lead Owner --> Account: Owner & Contact: Owner & Opportunity: Owner
Lead Source --> Contact: Lead Source & Opportunity: Lead Source
Mobile --> Contact: Mobile
No. of Employees --> Account: Employees
Phone --> Account: Phone & Contact: Phone
Rating --> Account: Rating
Title --> Contact: Title
Website --> Account: Website

Note: The description of the lead will disappear from the lead and be stored in the description field on the contact. The lead will become a converted lead. Converted lead data is only accessible when generating lead reports.


Thanks Kyle for your info.   Given that salesforce automaticallly maps the standard fields as noted, is it possible for me to copy/redirect the data to another field? 


One clear example is:   STANDARD SALESFORCE MAPPING:   Leads: No. of Employees --> Account: Employees


Could I also get that headcount data to populate a field I custom field "Employees" I have added for in the CONTACT level?  If so, how?



David Parsley


In general, yes you can set up the mappings as you wish, though not sure about lead source.


Check out Setup > Leads > Fields and find the button called "Map Lead Fields"


The option to Map Leads Fields is only available for custom Lead fields, not for the standard Salesforce leads fields.     Is there any way around this so that I can create a field in CONTACTS for employees that will copy the data from ACCOUNTS: No. of Employees field so our sales team can have that data on the same screen w/o having to click up to Account level to get that data point?


You can create a custom formula field to do this by going to


setup > customize > contacts > fields > new > formula field.  Choose the return type you need (assuming text in this case) and then on the next page make sure you are on the advanced formla tab.  Click insert field an from the pop-up, select Contact > Account > TheFieldYouWant


Then make sure field is added to the page layout.


Thanks Kyle!  This is precisely what I was trying to accomplish.   Great going and thanks for helping out us rookies!

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