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Validation on Formula Fields

Is it possible to write a Validation Rule that tests formula (i.e. calculated) fields?  It seems that one can only use writable fields in a Rule.

I have multiple entry fields and formula fields in my Opportunity Object.  For example, there are three sub-sections that a user could use:

Custom field 1 + Custom field 2 = Formula Field A
Custom field 3 + Custom field 4 = Formula Field B
Custom field 5 + Custom field 6 = Formula Field C

Users should only enter data into one sub-section (ie fields 1&2 or3&4 or 5&6).  I want to create Validation Rule that tests to see if Fields A, B or C are greater than zero.  If it is, the user entered data into more than one sub-section (a no-no).

I'm sure there are more complicated/elegant solutions (ie different page layouts based on the sub-section selected), but I thought a validation rule would be the quickest without changing page layouts, permissions, etc. 

Thanks in advance



I don't think you can validate formulaes.  Would something like this work instead?

And(Custom field 1 + Custom field 2 > 0,Custom field 3 + Custom field 4 > 0),
And(Custom field 1 + Custom field 2 > 0,Custom field 5 + Custom field 6 > 0),
And(Custom field 2 + Custom field 3 > 0,Custom field 5 + Custom field 6 > 0)