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Custom Formula Field Reporting

   I am wondering if anyone can help with a conundum I am having. I've created a custom field within an object related list that won't show up for reporting purposes. Technically, the object was deployed before the field came to be. However, I can not report on it!

What I wanted to do was have this field subtract the current contract rate from a new contract rate in order to get the added value. It works in the related list but will not appear in reporting!

Curses salesforce! Curses!

-Larry Hall
That really sounds strange.  We have several Custom formula fields that do show up on reports.  Are you building the report that includes the object the field is on rather than only the object the related list is on?  I would say first check what the selection is when you select the type of data you wish to report on - the first selection of create a new custom report - to be sure the report is accessing the right data set.
yep - i created a new report type to specifically address this field. luckily, i have very smart co-workers. a counterpart decided it was best to hijack an additional formula field that wasn't  being used to it's full potential within the object. we added our formula within and voila. however, we are both still perplexed as to why this field will not show up in reports, as it is within both the account fields and the related list fields.

luckily, there is a work around - seems to be the case with!

thank you for your response!

-larry hall
Ok - now you made me curious :smileywink: when you mentioned you created a Custom Report Type.  I searched help and could the below be something you need to do in this case  (Bold Added)?

Salesforce offers Custom Report Types. 

Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions 

Once you create a new Custom Report Type and click "Edit Layout" within the "Fields Available for Reports" section, you'll see the "Field Layout Properties" section.   If a field you wish to include is not visible under one of the selected objects, you may be able to update which object relationships a report can display when run from the custom report type.

  1. Select the respective object from the "View" drop down field on the right side of the page. 
  2. Click on the "Add fields related via lookup »" link directly below the "View" drop down field. 
  3. Select the appropriate link and subsequent fields.
  4. Repeat this process as needed per object.

Note:  To create or update Custom Report Types, you must have the "Manage Custom Report Types" User Permission.

(aaaaahhhhh) - that's the sound of the aethereal gods of bowing their heads to your genius... that completely worked! my compatriot was just thinking, 'oh yeah - you have to rebuild the report type!' A big duh for us, but if there are any golf balls or tzchachki's(spelling?), let us know - we will be more than happy to suit you in purple!

-larry hall
Glad to help - it helps me learn :smileyvery-happy: