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workflow between objects


I'm trying to create a workflow rule that will update a field in an assoicated object.

Basically, I have an object called album.
This album has a payment, but occassionally the album can't be produced, so we need the customer to create a second album.  Seeing as they've already paid for the first album, they don't pay for the second album.
The payment stays associated with the first album, and because the first album can't be produced, the payment will remain as 'unfulfilled'.

I'm trying to create a workflow rule that will update the first album as being completed, when the second album is completed.
This way we can determine whether the payment has been honoured and we don't owe any product for the initial payment.

I've tried creating a look-up relationship between the two album objects (custom object), but this doesn't seem to work as I can't update a field in the first album based on a field in the second album.

I've also tried creating a credit custom object that essentially transfers the payment between the two albums, but this won't work either.

I'm using Salesforce Enterprise Edition.

Any help or advice would be great


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If one object is a lookup in another than a field update should work. For instance, in our company we have Sales as a lookup object in Product_Survey. So when we had to update a field in Product_survey we used the following formula in Field Update to get the value from Sales Object.

if (ISNULL( Sales__r.Sales_Rep__c), Sales_Rep__c , Sales__r.Sales_Rep__c)

 where sales_rep_c is from the Sales object and we are populating the Sales_rep field in Product_Survey. This field update is then triggered by using a workflow rule. When you click the 'Insert Field' button in a formula editor, all the objects with ' > ' at front are lookup object and by clicking on these objects, a list of available field is opened and you can simply insert the field from there.


thanks for the help on this one.

What I was trying to do was to create a workflow between two records of the same object type.
I have a lookup field which associates two records together, but the ' > ' does show up for the lookup field that I use.

Oh well, I'll just use a linking object to link the two records of the same type together.

You can use a formula and create a rule which can span objects including lookups. This will enable you to create a rule which can include multiple objects. However, you are still limited to update fields only on the object you are writing the rule on.

Hope this helps..