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Email Alert from a Salesforce report?

Does anybody know if there is a way to attach a Salesforce report to an email alert?  Or even better to put the contents of a report into an Email?
Here is the scenario:
We created a series of  Workflow rules that does a Field Update and then sends an Email Alert to our sales teams when a new order hits the system (we get orders through Scribe from our ERP system which is Great Plains.) 
The problem is that a nomral Customer PO for a large order might actually comes across from our ERP as dozens of "orders."   Each one of these orders triggers and email alert.  As an example one of the acount teams submitted a PO this week that resulted in 70+ emails to each member of the account team! 
If I were to run a report with some criteria like Order Date > Yesterday I'd get a nice report that would show all of the 70 Sales orders for this account.  How would I translate this into an Email Alert?
The email alerts are useful and have been requested by the sales teams but the quantity of email appears to outweigh the usefullness of the alerts.
Any "Creative" suggestions, observation, soluttions, etc. would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Mike,

I'm assuming that you have Enterprise since you are integrating with your ERP system. 

Have you thought about emailing a dashboard to your team on a daily basis? While it won't give you the detail of a report, you could use different components to summarize the data in different ways that could interest your team.




Hi Aiden,

Thanks for the response! - We do have Enterprise and actually do email dashboards out to execs.  Unfortunately the level of detail that is available in a dashboard won't really capture what I need to do.  But I'll put on a clean pair of glasses and rethink your idea.  Actually as I sit here and think about it, I'm starting to see some possibilities!

Will let you know what I come up with.







You could look at Conga Courier from AppExtremes (an AppExchange application) that sends out scheduled reports. They have been very helpful and may be able to figure out a way to trigger a report mailing as well - you never know! They've got a great wizard out there who does amazing things!

Good luck,

Consider  the dashboard, then if the recipients want or need to see the report detail, they are able to click on the dashboard in the email and see the detail report in Salesforce.