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Redirect from VF Page within Console view

I have a VF page that we embed in the Account detail page.  When the user clicks one of our <apex:commandlink>'s, it redirects to him or her to the new Case page.  The source we're using is below.

The problem is that this doesn't work inside the Console view.  Clicking the link redirects the whole browser (if I include a target="_top" attribute) or else does nothing at all.  Can anyone suggest an approach that would work on detail pages both in Console and when viewed normally?

                                            <apex:commandLink value="{!ent.ButtonCaption}" 
                                                action="{!CreateNewCase}" rendered="{!ent.rendered}" 
                                                styleClass="btn" onclick="navigateToUrl('/500/e—retURL=%2F0013000000MAsrv%3Fisdtp%3Dmn&amp;def_account_id=0013000000MAsrv&amp;isdtp=mn');"
                                                    <apex:param name="prmFunc" value="{!ent.NewCaseFuncName}"/>
                                                    <apex:param name="prmEntId" value="{!ent.entitlement.Id}"/>
                                                    <apex:param name="prmSPId" value="{!ent.SPId}"/>
                                                    <apex:param name="prmEntName" value="{!ent.entitlement.Name}"/>

navigateToUrl is SF's Javascript but it doesn't work if I try to call it; I think that's because that function is defined outside of the IFRAME in which the VF page runs.

Message Edited by MikeGoelzer on 11-02-2008 11:33 AM