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Updating fields

Hi Everyone.  I'm fairly new to Apex and am seeking your help in a simple situation:

We have a recruiting application, which has some custom objects such as

-Job (which is a listings of jobs)
-Tracking (which is an object that creates a "tracking" record related to a single job.  ie. one person who has applied to 3 jobs (has 3 diff tracking records)  The tracking object has master relationship with Contact. 
-Expense (this has a master relationship with job)

What I'm trying to do with Apex, is create a field on the Job record (Total Applicants) that sums up how many Tracking records there are (within the related list). 

Please provide any insight on how I should approach this. (apex / triggers / etc).  Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Any reason why Job can't also be Master-Detail to Tracking (you're allowed to have two masters now) - then you can just use roll up summaries
Thanks for the information.

I had to mass remap thousands of tracking records that did not have any job associated with it.  Now that's all set, it's working.  And it goes both ways so I can see how many times a certain contact has applied for our different jobs. 

Thanks again chief!