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Joseph FerraroJoseph Ferraro 

multi-line commenting in new force.com ide

In version 14 of the force.com IDE, I noticed that using the standard /* */ for multi-line commenting no longer changes the font color of the code to a dark red the way it used to. Is this simply an oversight, a bug in my eclipse instance, or is there a new way to do multi-line commenting?

I also noticed that, although it does at least un-highlight any code that's been commented out, which is some consolation.
This is a known issue in the Force.com IDE.  Sometimes the Apex editor colors multi-line comments correctly, but most of the time it doesn't.  We are looking into a fix, but it probably won't come before the next major release.

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Joseph FerraroJoseph Ferraro
ok, thanks for the quick reply!