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Debug log / log level contains way too much information

Since using the new release of the IDE (version 14) I get enormous amounts of debug output, no matter what log level are set. These settings seem to get ignored, the same seems to happen in the browser output when running tests.
I set the various log levels for each category, basically disabling everything except apex code, but each test case gets several thousand (!) lines of output. So the debug log only contains output for 3 test methods before all further output gets truncated.
This makes it pretty much impossible to use the output for debugging since it misses most of the other test methods and is totally bloated with information I didn't want to see in the first place.
Any ideas what's going on here? Are the log levels just broken? Anything I can do to get useful debug log output?
Have you tried breaking your testmethods up - placing smaller sets into test classes?  This should allow you to run tests for individual test classes - minimizing the testing debug output.
Yes, I have several classes for testmethods. However, in total it's still a lot of tests, and splitting them up in even more classes doesn't really make sense.
The important question here is why is there so much debug output in the first place even with all log categories except apex code set to log level 'none'? Are these settings not working?

Also, I have some classes I use for initializing static variables which are used throughout the code, these seem to get initialized again with each validation/ workflow rule run. This alone generates several hundred lines of output for a single test. Is there any other way to do that?
I agree 100%. I am using the XMLDom class and because of its recursive nature, my debug log hits the *********** MAXIMUM DEBUG LOG SIZE REACHED ***********limit just trying to load up a 250 item file. My debug log is filled with unimportant 'returning from method' statements - regardless of the log level. Needless to say, it makes debugging any code that follows virtually impossible. Please correct this as soon as possible.
Same issue. XMLDom Class is used. Too many return statement...and its maxed out. I can't look at the debug log entries that I really need to now. Stuck with guessing what could be issues with my code I'm trying to debug!!
Thomas StrohThomas Stroh

Wondering if anyone was able to come up with a workaround for these debug logs? We are at an impasse without getting USEFUL debug output ... any input would be greatly appreciated!




You need to set the debug level for each log category. The interface is not very intuitive. For example, I only want to see debug info from my Apex Code.  I set the log level for Apex Code to "+ Debug" and for the other log categories, I need to set them to "None". Most of them default to "Info", which is probably going to be far too much information for casual debugging.